Nearly every iPhone owner experiences a feeling of panic when their device is spiraling toward the ground; when you hear the thud followed by the sound of a shattering glass or screen, dollar signs probably flash through your mind.  Instead of considering a professional in Kansas City for iPhone repair, most people’s minds automatically go toward the cost of a new phone – and this can be even more expensive than you might imagine.  Maybe you think, “Okay, this is it – I can’t afford a new iPhone.”  If the truth is known, that’s probably an accurate statement.  However, when compared to the cost of a new iPhone, you can afford a repair considering a cracked screen typically costs around $80 to $100 or so, versus several hundred for a new iPhone.

There are plenty of reasons you should consider iPhone repair in Kansas City, here are three of them:

Even when it’s time for an upgrade or you have insurance, having your iPhone repaired can be profitable.  Considering the low cost of repair, you can have your device fixed and sell it for a profit.

Sure, you could take your iPhone into an Apple store and have the “experts” there assess the damage, but how smart is that?  Sure, they could probably take care of the damage, at about double the cost or more of having the Kansas City iPhone Doctor make the repair.  Or, you could become a victim of some enticing sales tactics, an associate convincing you that your screen simply cannot be repaired and you will need to buy a new device.

How much did you pay for your iPhone, around $200 bucks or so?  This wasn’t actually the retail cost of the device, but instead a subsidized cost for continuing your contract with your service provider or signing a new contract.  The fact is, you will probably spend at least $500 if you buy a new phone before it’s time for an upgrade, or if you’re one of the many who do not have insurance.  At full retail price, expect to pay several hundred dollars or even as much as $800 – yes, it hurts!

We know – being without your iPhone is like being isolated from civilization; you just cannot bear the thought of being parted from a device that lets you stay in touch while you’re on the go, check status updates, talk to your family/friends, or surf the web for anything and everything you could possibly want to know.  Unless you’re just made of money and have hundreds of dollars to spare, iPhone repair is definitely recommended over replacing your device.  If you live in the Kansas City area, count on the iPhone Doctor for convenience and quick, affordable repair.

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