As trusted iPod repair professionals in Kansas City, we know that water and screen damage are common problems iPod owners face. Replacing your device can be costly; if possible it’s more cost-effective to have it repaired than to replace.  We have a few tips to help you protect your iPod from potential damage, and to ensure that if your device is damaged it can be repaired by an experienced professional.

If you do not have a case or the case you do have in which to store your iPod does not have a screen protector, add one.  It is recommended that you store you iPod in a case that is waterproof and impact resistant when possible.

Ÿ  Pay attention to where you store your iPod.  A car dashboard or window ledge is not the idea place to store your iPod.  Avoid storing it in places where it may become overheated, or where it is more prone to being knocked over.  It’s also important to avoid storing your iPod in areas where humidity is high such as in bathrooms, kitchens, or near humidifiers.

ŸWhen it comes time to clean you iPod, avoid using a wet cloth.  Your screen will stay in good condition by using a soft microfiber cloth that is dry or damp.  If you do use a damp cloth, make sure to remove any moisture which may remain with a soft dry cloth.

ŸWhen engaging in water activities such as swimming or bathing, don’t use your iPod.

ŸDo not repair a cracked or broken iPod screen yourself unless you have been trained in performing the repair by a professional.  Take your device to a trusted iPod repair professional in Kansas City after placing your device in a container lined with a soft cloth.

ŸBe sure to shield your iPod from snow, rain, or other damp weather conditions.  Use an umbrella if you’re using your iPod, or place it in a purse or pocket that’s waterproof to protect from potential damage.

ŸIf you suspect water or moisture has seeped inside your iPod due to an incident which resulted in your device being submerged in water, take it to an iPod repair technician immediately so that it can be cleaned by a professional.  Use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe the moisture off as much as possible, and get to a mobile device repair shop immediately to reduce the possibility that internal components will be destroyed or sustain corrosion.  Water damage should be addressed by a professional, as home remedies are only a temporary fix to remove moisture on the surface.

Nearly everyone accidentally drops their iPod in a puddle or other area where moisture can potentially damage their device; it’s just human nature.  However, water and moisture are the most damaging elements, potentially resulting in damage to internal components.  If your device has been subject to water or excess moisture, take it to a trusted Kansas City iPod repair technician immediately to avoid having to replace your iPod, which can be costly.  At the Kansas City iPhone Doctor, repairing iPods is our specialty.  Contact owner Mike Weston today at (816)343-4362.

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