Searching for info about an iPad Cracked or Broken Screen? If you have an iPad 2, 3, or 4 with a cracked or damaged screen, you may have a few questions regarding iPad repair in Kansas City.  While we all love our devices and couldn’t be without them, accidents happen!  Maybe you dropped your iPad and the screen cracked, or the frame is bent or damaged in some way and you question whether the screen can be repaired.  Never fear, the Kansas City iPhone Doctor has answers to your most pressing questions!

Can the screen on your iPad be repaired even if the frame is substantially damaged or bent?  In the majority of cases, yes.  There are occasions on which it may be necessary to make some modifications so that the new screen will lay flat.  We can tell you after taking a look if repairs can be made.

Can a cracked iPad screen be repaired in one day or less?  In most cases, your iPad will be repaired in an hour or less and returned to you the same day.  Whether repairs can be made to your iPad the same day depend on certain factors such as the extent of the damage, and how late in the day it is when you drop off your device or we pick it up.  Keep in mind that if there is internal damage or extreme shattering, it may take a bit longer.

Can’t I just fix my iPad myself?  While it may be possible to take care of the repair yourself, it isn’t recommended.  There are lots of tutorials online, unfortunately many of them are not thorough and critical information may be left out.  Repairing an iPad requires substantial patience, proper tools, and an aptitude for electronics/mobile devices.  Ultimately, you could make the damage even worse.  It’s best to leave it to our Kansas City iPad repair experts!

If you repair my iPad 2, 3, or 4 screen will my data be lost?  Absolutely not.  All of your data will remain intact when your screen is repaired.

Is it common for internal damage to occur when an iPad screen is cracked?  Internal damage is always possible, however it isn’t likely that your device suffered this type of damage if it was dropped or something else happened which resulted in a cracked or shattered screen.  Once we actually open the device, the extent of the damage can be assessed.

Ultimately, it could end up costing you more to attempt to repair your iPad screen yourself, considering the time required, cost of tools to make the repairs, and potential of making things worse.  If your screen is broken or cracked, it’s best to leave the repairs to professionals who are extremely familiar with the workings of these devices, and who can repair your iPad at an affordable price, have it working/looking like new, and back in your hands quickly, usually in the same day!

Have more questions about iPad repair in Kansas City?  Call Mike Weston today for answers or if you are ready to have your device repaired by a skilled professional who takes pride in a job well done.

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